How creative packaging can play a part in the trend for experiential marketing?

The reach of technology has grown so far that an almost seamless mix with reality has been created. 

There are warnings that both the social skills and health of children are being sapped by their reliance on screens, while parents are accused of being too attached to their smartphones. 

This dependence on smartphones hasn’t gone un-noticed by advertisers. Nearly half of UK internet time is spent on smartphones, and digital advertising spend has rocketed. 

The challenge facing brands now is how to engage with these customers hiding behind a screen. How can brands reach out and grab the attention of online shoppers scrolling through thousands of products promoted through highly optimised websites and online advertising? 

More to the point – what about the sensory experience of selecting a product through emotional engagement and being won over by the look, shape and feel of the packaging?  

Stand out with creative packaging

Shoppers are being asked to hand over more and more data, which is used to map out shopping habits to target consumers for future sales.

But this is not something people necessarily feel at ease with. Instead the favoured option appears to be the best of both worlds – and this is where brand design and creative packaging come into their own.

Rather than a division between bricks and mortar shopping and the online marketplace, the ideal model could well be a mix of the two. In creating an experience, brand design is key as creative packaging becomes part of the experience for potential customers.

Shopping as an experience 

In creating an experience for shoppers, brands want customers to identify with their product and develop loyalty to the brand.

Shops are being transformed into a reflection of the brand design, aiming towards a multi-sensory experience through increasing investments in experiential marketing.  

This push towards creating a brand experience is largely due to technology-savvy millennials seeking experiences, rather than materialistic satisfaction.   

For experience-led shopping, the touch, feel and look of goods plays to a bigger picture making creative packaging essential.

Creative packaging to engage the senses 

Brand Britain has remained focussed on designing a more tactile, immersive and engaging experience, continuing to focus on creative packaging. 

Our work in fixture theatre creates an ambience for a brand to begin to engage with potential customers, expanding on the idea of creative packaging. 

From the feel of the store to the product itself, brands are seeking an emotional response. As a graphic design agency, Brand Britain prides itself on designing creative packaging that encourages the shopper to buy a product by engaging the senses. 

Rather than increase the divide between consumer and store, technological developments are likely to work alongside marketing innovations and creative design to create an immersive shopping experience, giving consumers something they want to buy into. 

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