Planning to expand? Consider a fresh take with a new design agency.

When adding a product to an established range it may pay to look a bit further from home to bring an added dynamic to your food branding. 

An outside design agency that is not already tied to specific packaging ideas can offer a fresh take on an existing product’s food branding. This can be especially beneficial for brands branching out into a new area, such as ‘free from’ or ‘low in’, which can benefit from a fresh focus in the packaging design. 

A brand may have enjoyed success with packaging from a particular design agency but that doesn’t mean that a different design agency does not have anything to offer, in fact the reality can be quite the opposite. 

Having already invested in packaging design and marketing to establish a core food brand, it makes sense to test out variants to the packaging design using a cost-effective alternative. A new design agency can add new ideas as well as expertise in a particular area of food packaging. 

Test a new direction for your food branding 

Using a smaller design agency, and saving on the initial investment, allows food brands to use agencies to create visuals, mock ups and artwork ahead of the ultimate roll out of the packaging. This freedom allows food brands to get a real flavour for what a new dimension can bring to their packaging design.  

If an established food brand was planning on introducing a gluten free product to its range, there is every chance the existing design agency would suggest adding a call out, when instead an innovative and new packaging design would be of more benefit. A specialist design agency will best know how to utilise the packaging design to highlight the gluten free message.  

Use design to build on success 

It’s not a case of in with the new and out with the old though, matching the strength of the existing food brand alongside a reworked packaging design could use the foundations of the core brand and to reach further.  

A different design agency, that is not heavily involved in the present packaging design, will find it far easier take a step back and see what would work best for a successful expansion to the food brand. Ideally that will combine the strengths of the existing brand with an eye-catching change. 

A smaller design agency also comes into its own when a food brand wants to see how its strength could translate to new variants. Design, visuals and market testing could be quickly put into place at a reasonable cost to establish a niche.  

Don’t let your food brand’s plans for expansion be constrained by success – a fresh take could reap even more rewards. 

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