Yorkshire Peas

Frozen Vegetables Re-Brand and Packaging





Swaythorpe Growers Ltd



Peas may all look alike, but when it comes down to Yorkshire Peas, they are poles apart (a bit like branding agencies really!).

Swaythorpe Growers know a thing or two about growing peas, Broad Beans and Petit Pois. So when it came to re-launching their range into the multiples they needed to work with an agency that knew a thing or two about making brands sing.

How? Swaythorpe’s brief to us was very focussed – having supplied all of the major retailers with own label frozen peas and Petit Pois for many years, they wanted to strengthen their arm and secure listings for their ‘Yorkshire Peas’ brand.

Beginning with an evolutionary strengthening of their over arching brand, we then set about elevating their full packaging line-up. After stripping the brand down to its core assets, we helped determine a new positioning. We designed a very individual, emotive brand narrative that communicated the care and passion they poured into growing quality produce and celebrated their ‘Yorkshireness’. Much like this seasons peas, their retail presence is now growing nicely!

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