Nestlé Cereals Jurassic World 3 Activation





Nestle Cereals

When Nestlè needed some heavyweight design support on a huge promotional campaign for Jurassic World 3, they knew just where to come.


Jurassic World 3 was a major promotion launched in Tesco Stores by Nestlè Cereal Partners Worldwide in 2022. The campaign featured an array of in-store and online touch points to engage with shoppers and harness the popularity of one of the year’s biggest box office smashes.


Drawing from rock solid shopper marketing campaign experience, we maximised master assets provided by the global brand team at Nestlè to help Cereal Partners establish an enormous presence in the category.

From shipper concepts, aisle fins, and magazine ads, to a full campaign of impactful online banners across Tesco’s online platform and social channels, we ensured every step of the shopper journey was out of this world.