Listers Crisps

Listers Crisps







When it came to the crunch, only one Yorkshire branding agency could do a ‘proper job’ for Listers Crisps! 
Coming from a personal recommendation from one of our longest-standing clients, Listers Crisps approached us back in 2022 with a single-minded objective.
They needed an agency with bags of snacking experience to take their home-grown crisp brand to the next level!
We created a bright and eye-catching brand system that gave a clear nod to the roots of the brand, whilst elevating the brand’s position in the highly competitive gourmet crisp category. 
The challenge here was to maintain and protect the heritage associated with the Lister’s name, whilst boosting brand relevance with a striking, modern new look.
How? We knew that the success of this rebrand would rest firmly on its distinctive brand assets. We discussed the importance of existing iconography with founders Tom and Laura Platt to help us understand the meaning and history embedded in them. Very early in the process, it became clear that the stag needed to continue to be central to the pack design, as it made a clear connection to the families of deer living on the farm where the crisps are produced. 
Outcome: The resulting design, coupled with premium packaging substrate, with exposed foiling proudly amplifies core assets for maximum standout.
Amazing crisps, ‘Born and Bagged in Yorkshire’!