Glorious Foodies

Challenger Brand Design and Food Photography





Abergavenny Fine Foods



Gourmet street food and party food has grown hugely in popularity over the past few years with shoppers leaving the soggy sandwich and curled up cocktail sausage behind in favour of more adventurous dishes and flavours.

Abergavenny Fine Foods worked with a major international food wholesaler to develop a range of refined party foods to tickle the tastebuds of an ever more discerning shopper and the Glorious Foodies brand was born – what they needed now was a delicious design for the range that would see it flying out of the chiller.

How? Brand Britain started, as we always do, by taking a look at the category and understanding what motivated purchasing decisions. This helped us develop a brand mark, pack design and photography style which made the food the star of the show and oozed premium cues. Provenance, food values and international flavours were all re-enforced with subtle and stylish imagery and propping.

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