How a more nimble Design Agency can help to Reinvigorate your Brand’s Market Presence

How a more nimble design agency can help to reinvigorate your brand’s market presence


Adapting to changing shopper trends and ensuring relevance in your category is essential to brand development and longevity, so when the time is ripe for change, be ready to act.

Sustaining a strong market presence takes dedication and work and recognising the need to stay ahead of the curve, refreshing your brand and re-evaluating your message can be critical for growth.

In a competitive marketplace always strive for the best. This may mean looking for a fresh take on your brand to bolster sales or bring new life to a category.

This is where agile design agencies can excel and help to test out new ideas for FMCG packaging design and support brands when adjusting their positioning

Innovating and testing out new ideas is a key component in keeping FMCG packaging design fresh and eye-catching – and winning over new customers.

A cost-efficient way to test FMCG packaging design ideas

With profit margins and targets in the balance it can be too easy to discard an idea or marketing tactic that has teething problems, but there are cost-effective ways to try out different directions and gain feedback from consumers and retail partners without investing heavily or compromising an existing brand.

When looking to make a change, a specialist brand design agency, such as Brand Britain, will give you the support you need to reappraise an idea and reshape your FMCG packaging design to achieve maximum impact.

Innovation is invigorating, if you have already come up with an idea, testing a response is easier than you may think, particularly where fast moving consumer goods are concerned.

With the support of an experienced FMCG packaging design team, ideas can be visualised and tested among consumers, test panels and retailers with relative ease in a short time. 

Breaking the process down and taking an analytical approach to FMCG packaging design will allow the brand to innovate and develop.  Talk to FMCG packaging design specialists about creating a sample to get the wheels in motion. 

Make the most of early feedback

Review and consider feedback before the product has officially launched to fine tune its appeal.

Taking the time to test, develop and innovate at the earliest design stages allows brands to try out packaging design before incurring the costs of research and development.  

Brand Britain can help to bring your FMCG packaging design ideas to life, contact us today.